Annual Return



Every company in existence on 1 March 2002 was assigned its own Annual Return Date (ARD) by law.

New companies incorporated on or after 1 March 2002 had an ARD triggered by their date of incorporation.
A company’s ARD in future years is 12 months from its previous years ARD, unless the company altered that ARD.

New Companies incorporated on/after 1 March 2002.

The first ARD is the date which is six months after the date of incorporation.
No accounts need be attached to this first return.

If the first ARD is extended by such company, this will shorten the time allowed before the company has to file a Form B1 with accounts. Second and subsequent ARDs will fall on the anniversary of the company’s first ARD, unless the company elects to change its ARD.

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An Annual Return Date (ARD) of a company is the latest date to which an annual return must be made up. The Annual Return must be filed with the CRO within 28 days of the date to which it is made up.

New companies are due to file accounts with their second annual return, this return is required to be made up to a date not later than 18 months post-incorporation, unless the company alters its ARD.

A company can opt to extend its Annual Return Date (ARD) by a maximum of up to six months from its current (ARD) and within nine months of its Financial Year end. A company can only change is Annual Return Date once every five years.

A company should not change its Annual Return Date until it is due to submit its Second Annual return.

Failure to file an Annual Return on time can have several consequences including the imposition of the late filing penalty, prosecution of the company and/or its directors, the loss of the audit exemption or the possible involuntary strike-off and dissolution of the company.

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