This type of company can also be known as a single or multi member private company limited by shares and is owned by its shareholder. The company has limited liability and the shareholders’ liability, should the company fail, it is limited to the amount, if any, remaining unpaid on the shares held by them.

A company is a separate legal entity and, therefore, is separate and distinct from those who run it. Only the company can be sued for its obligations and can sue to enforce its rights.


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  • Free company name check
  • A1 and Constitution prepared for your business
  • Forms witnessed by our in house signatory
  • Companies Registration Office fee included in price
  • Company registered in two-three working days
  • Original Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copies of all documents filed
  • 4 Soft copies of Constitution – one is needed to open bank account
  • Minutes of first meeting
  • Directors consent form
  • Secretary consent form
  • Member & Shareholder consent form
  • Register of Members
  • Company Director and Secretary duties booklet

PRICE €149.99 (All VAT, fees and outlays included in the price.)                 

Additional Extras


Our registered office service is ideal for start-up companies who want to create a professional business image or overseas companies who do not have a place of business in Ireland and also enables non-Irish residents to set up a company in Ireland.

You get:

  • Prestigious Dublin 2 registered office for your company
  • Acceptance of service of legal documentation
  • Forwarding of all Companies Registration Office and Revenue Commissioners correspondence
  • Junk mail filtered out free of charge
  • Mail can be forwarded by post or courier to any address worldwide (plus any forwarding charges incurred in delivering your mail) or be opened, scanned and emailed instantly.

Why you would want this?

  • So your residential address is not shown on the public register
  • Marketing junk mail is filtered by us, so you only get your company’s statutory mail
  • International customers comply with Irish law – overseas companies will need this service to form an Irish company as the registered office address must be in the Republic of Ireland.


Company Seal is an official seal used by a company. It is a device with two opposite metal plates on which the name of the company will be engraved – when it is pressed together on a sheet of paper it will leave the name of the company clearly embossed upon the document. A company will often execute deeds, statutory company documents and share certificates which often provide space for a company seal, it is then common place for the directors of the company to sign the document as a witness.


In addition to the Company Registration, we will provide you with a fast track registration on your behalf with the Revenue Commissioners for Corporation TAX, PAYE, & VAT.

Once the company is set up, we can then register the company with the Revenue Commissioner for the relevant Taxes. If all the directors and shareholders have an Irish PPS number it will take a week to get the company Tax Number. There can be delays with the company VAT number been issued due to a backlog at the Revenue Commissioner.


The first ARD is the date which is six months after the date of incorporation.


To form this type of company you need one Director, one Secretary (cannot be same person as the Director) and a registered office address.

  • Minimum of one Director (one director needs to be an EEA resident):

Anyone can be a director of a company once they are aged eighteen or over and you do not need any particular qualifications or experience. A person does not need to work for the company or own shares in it. One of the directors is required to be resident in a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA). If you don’t have a director who is based in the European Economic Area (EEA), you need to take out a Section 43 insurance bond. We require one proof of identity and one proof of address for all directors, secretary and shareholders (read below for more information).

  • Minimum one Secretary:

Anyone can be a secretary of a private company limited by shares and you do not need any particular qualifications or experience. A person does not need to work for the company or own shares in it. The secretary may be one of the directors of the company (only if the directors are more than one). A body corporate may act as a secretary to another company, but not to itself.

  • Shareholders (members):

Anyone can be a shareholder or member of a company and you do not need any particular qualifications or experience. A body corporate may act as a shareholder to another company. In a multi member company there has to be two or more shareholders and they will own 100% of the shares split whatever way they prefer.
Example Shareholder A: 75%, Shareholder B: 25%.
In a single member company there will be only one shareholder who will own 100% of the shares.
The maximum number of Shareholders (members) is 99. We require one proof of identity and one proof of address for all shareholders (read below for more information).

  • Registered office address:

It is a requirement that all companies formed in Ireland must have a registered office address based in Southern Ireland. The registered office of a company is where all CRO correspondence and all formal legal notices addressed to the company will be sent.
The address must be a physical location, not just a post office box number, because people have the right to visit the company’s registered office to inspect certain registers and documents and to deliver the documents by hand. A letter addressed to the company at its registered office address must be capable of being delivered by An Post.
If you do not have a registered office address in Ireland we will gladly provide you with this service (Registered Office information).



In order to prevent money laundering and to meet legislative requirements, we need to collect ID that confirms who each director and shareholder is. In order to confirm your identity and your address we require two separate items, e.g. a passport and a driver’s license. We will not accept one item to cover both requirements. As a guideline we need one item from each table below.

To verify the Directors, Shareholders details we need ONE of the following photo ID’s from the list below:

• Copy of current valid signed Passport
• Copy of full Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland/UK driving license or provisional license
• Copy of Garda Identification (ML10) form and photograph
• Copy of Public Service Card
• Copy of Pension Book
• Copy of National Identity Card – must show photograph.

To verify the Directors, Shareholders details we need ONE of the following proofs of address from the list below:

• Original bank, Building Society or Credit Card statement – Less than 6 months old
• Original utility bill (e.g. gas, electricity, Mobile) – less than 6 months old
• Original mortgage summary statement – Less than 12 months old
• Original notification of determination of tax credits – valid for the current/next tax year
• Original balancing statement for Revenue Commissioners – issued within 6 months of account opening
• Original benefits Book – includes Child Benefit and Disability Benefit
• Original local Authority/County Council Services Bill – issued within the last 12 months

How long does the process take?

Company Formation: It takes four working days from receipt of signed paper work to have your company formed and your company number issued. You will receive the original Certificate of Incorporation and copies of the paperwork submitted on your behalf a day later.

Note: We send all your paperwork to your registered office address. If you would like us to send it to a different address please let us know and we will accommodate you, there may be an extra charge for this but this normally only occurs if you would like the package posted to an address outside of the Republic of Ireland.

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