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Customer Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with the service you’ve received and wish to address your concerns, please follow these steps:

1. Initial Contact:

  • ¬†Many issues can be resolved informally through understanding and communication.
  • Contact our customer service manager or the customer service agent who assisted you by calling 01 5397862.
  • They will make every effort to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

2. Making a Formal Complaint:

  • If your concern remains unresolved after contacting our customer service, you can proceed with a formal complaint.
  • Send an email to complaints@startupshop.ie with the subject heading ‘Customer Complaint.’
  • Include your full name and order number in the email.

3. What to Expect Next:

  • We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 4 hours.
  • An investigation into the issues raised will be conducted.
  • Normally, you can expect a comprehensive response within one working day.
  • In complex cases, it may take a bit longer to provide a full response. If this is the case, we will keep you informed about the ongoing actions and provide an estimated timeframe for the resolution.


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