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Change Company Constitution / Memo & Arts

Service Details

Your company’s Constitution, formerly known as the Memorandum & Articles of Association, serves as its foundational document, outlining its structure and operation. Sometimes, circumstances necessitate changes to this essential framework. At the Start Up Shop, we are ready to assist you in navigating the process of altering your company’s Constitution with precision and professionalism.

The Necessity of a Special Resolution:

Modifying your company’s Constitution isn’t a simple matter—it requires a Special Resolution, a decision that must garner approval from a significant majority of the shareholders, specifically 75%. Such changes can encompass a variety of aspects, ranging from the company’s objectives to members’ voting rights and authorized share capital.

Our Comprehensive Service Package:

When you engage our professional services for this important endeavour, you can expect the following comprehensive assistance:

1. Tailored Constitution Redrafting: We’ll meticulously re-draft your company’s Constitution to align precisely with your specific requirements and the proposed changes.

2. Compliance with the Companies Act 2014: If necessary, we’ll ensure that the updated Constitution complies fully with the stipulations set forth in the Companies Act 2014, guaranteeing legal adherence.

3. Statutory Form Preparation and Filing:Our experts will handle the preparation and filing of all requisite statutory forms with the Companies Registration Office (CRO), minimizing administrative burdens.

4. Special Resolution Preparation: We’ll prepare the essential Shareholders Special Resolution, a vital document for formalizing the changes to your company’s Constitution.

5. Directors Board Minutes: We’ll also draft Directors Board Minutes, which serve as the official record of the meeting where the Shareholders Resolution was passed, offering additional legal documentation.

6. Two Copies of Amended Constitution: You’ll receive two bound copies of the amended Constitution for your records and reference.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing for this service starts at just €149.99, offering you exceptional value for a seamless and compliant alteration of your company’s Constitution.

We’re dedicated to making complex processes like this one accessible, efficient, and worry-free for our clients. Whether you’re adapting to evolving business needs or ensuring your company remains legally compliant, trust our expertise to guide you through the journey of altering your Constitution with professionalism and precision.


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