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Change of Registered Address with the CRO & Revenue Commissioner

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As a budding startup in the Republic of Ireland, understanding the importance of a registered office address is crucial, especially in the context of the Companies Act 2014, the Companies Registration Office (CRO), and the Revenue Commissioners. Here’s why this matters:

The Core of Your Business
Every business in Ireland, including startups like yours, is required to have a registered office address. This address serves as more than just a location; it’s the very core of your business. It represents your brand image and plays a vital role in handling legal correspondence, notices, official documents, and business mail. Furthermore, your company’s important records, registers, and statutory documents are typically stored at this registered office address. Hence, declaring your registered office address is one of the key requirements during the company’s registration process.

No P.O. Boxes Allowed

Your registered office address must be a physical location; post office box numbers are not allowed. It should be a complete, tangible postal address where essential mail, letters, legal notices, and correspondence can be securely received via post. Additionally, members of the general public should have access to this address for inspecting the company’s statutory registers.

Opting for a Registered Office Agent

In some cases, businesses may opt to use the address of a Registered Office Agent (ROA). An ROA is an agent approved for this purpose within the Republic of Ireland. To make this choice, your startup should file a consent for such an appointment with the CRO. This Form includes details about the registered agent’s name, number, and address. An officer of your business must sign this form. The ROA continues to hold this position until your business changes its registered office, which can be done by submitting another Form with the CRO.

Changing Your Registered Office Address

Situations might arise where your business needs to change its registered office address. This is allowed, provided that the new location is within the Republic of Ireland. To make this change, follow these steps:

1. Notify the CRO and the Revenue Commissioner about the change.
2. This notification should occur no later than 14 days after the change takes place.
3. Failing to inform the CRO can result in legal action. Additionally, notifying the Revenue Commissioner is essential to ensure they send important correspondence to the correct address.

How The Start-Up Shop Can Assist

Changing your registered office address can be done by filing a Form online. However, many businesses, including yours, often find that working with a trusted company formation agent makes the process quicker and stress-free. The Start-Up Shop is here to help. Their team of professionals can efficiently manage the entire process for you, ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements.

Their package for changing a company’s registered office address is priced at €54.99 and covers all necessary procedures. If you have questions or need more information about our services, feel free to get in touch with their friendly team of professionals today. Your business’s journey to success just got a bit smoother.


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