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Irish Branch Formation

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Exploring New Horizons: Establishing a Branch Office in Ireland

At The Start-Up Shop, we’re your trusted partner when it comes to the intricate process of registering a branch office for your existing company in Ireland. While many businesses opt for establishing subsidiary companies as legally separate entities, branch offices can be a strategic choice for expanding your presence in the Irish market.

Crucial Requirements for Registering an Irish Branch Company:

To set the wheels in motion, you’ll need to gather a set of essential legal documents for the parent company. Let’s delve into the specifics:

1. Apostilled (Authenticated) Copy: Your journey begins with obtaining an Apostilled (Authenticated) Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of your parent company. (See certification requirements below)

2. Certificate of Incorporation: Present a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of your Company, including any certificates reflecting changes in the company name, if applicable.

3. Latest Abridged Company Accounts: If applicable, include a set of the latest abridged company accounts.

4. Directors’ Declaration: Draft a declaration, duly signed by the directors, outlining the objectives of the company.

Please keep in mind that if any of these documents are not in English, they must be translated into English, and the translation must be certified.

Meeting Compliance Standards for Your Branch Office:

Once your branch is officially registered, it’s imperative to adhere to several compliance requirements, including:

1. Annual Accounts: File a copy of the annual accounts of the company on an annual basis. If your company has one or more subsidiaries, ensure the filing of any consolidated accounts of the group.

2. Directors’ Annual Report: Submit the annual report of the directors for the same period.

3. Auditors’ Reports: Include the report of the auditors on the company accounts for the same period and any report of the auditors on the directors’ report for the same period.

4. Changes in Company Charter: Report any changes in your company’s charter, constitution, or Memorandum & Articles of Association.

5. Charges on Property: Notify any charges on property held within the state.

6. Company Name or Share Capital: Inform about changes in the company name or share capital.

7. Authorized Representatives: Report any changes in the person authorized to represent the company.

8. Insolvency, Liquidation, or Closure: Notify any instances of insolvency, liquidation, or closure.

Securing a Strong Presence in Ireland:

To ensure a robust presence in Ireland, your branch must possess a registered address within the country. Additionally, appointing a designated person authorized to accept legal service on behalf of the company is pivotal. This individual plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with all the above requirements, including adhering to the provisions of the 1993 Branch Disclosures Regulations (EU legislation).

Why Opt for The Start-Up Shop:

The Start-Up Shop offers an all-encompassing service for registering a branch office in Ireland. With our wealth of expertise and streamlined processes, we make the expansion process seamless and efficient. We are committed to helping you realize your business aspirations within the shortest possible timeframe.

Ready to Register Your Branch Office in Ireland?

Contact The Start-Up Shop today to embark on this exciting opportunity for business expansion. We are at your disposal to address your queries and expertly guide you through the process, ensuring that your company seamlessly integrates into the Irish business landscape. Take the next bold step in growing your business presence in Ireland with confidence.

Your Gateway to Flourishing Irish Ventures: Registering a branch office in Ireland can open doors to new growth and prosperity. The Start-Up Shop serves as your gateway to success in the thriving Irish market. Connect with us today to kickstart your journey towards expansion and success.


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