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Irish Shelf Company 2020

Service Details

Pre-Formed companies, devoid of any trading history, ready for immediate use

From a Company Act 2014 perspective, a “Shelf company,” also known as a “Ready-Made company,” refers to a company that has been officially established but has not engaged in any business activities. These entities are particularly beneficial if you require a company registration number promptly or if you aim to operate as an established company.

All our off-the-shelf companies or ready-made companies are fully compliant with their Dormant Company Accounts and Annual Return filing obligations.

What’s Included with Each Shelf Company:

1. Electronic copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
2. Electronic copy of the company constitution
3. Option for a Change of Company Name, if necessary.
4. J30 stock transfer form
5. Minutes of a meeting
6. Issuance of new Share Certificates
7. Registered Office Address for one year
8. Update of the Register of Beneficial Owners with the new shareholder details

How the Process Works:

1. Select ‘Buy Now’ for the appropriate year of the shelf company you desire.
2. You will receive the shelf company template via email, allowing you to fill in your preferred company name.
3. Our team will handle the relevant appointments and resignations.
4. We will complete the J30 stock transfer form and update the Register of Beneficial Owners with the details of the new shareholders.
5. You will have the option to utilize our Dublin address as your Registered Office and any mail received from the Revenue Commissioners and the Companies Registration Office at this address will be securely scanned and forwarded to you.

Why Consider Purchasing a Shelf Company:

1. Simplicity – The process is swift and straightforward, and you receive a company number immediately.
2. Longevity – Having an established company can enhance investor and consumer confidence, as certain jurisdictions require companies to have a track record before entering contracts.

Shelf Company FAQs:

What Will I Receive?
With the Standard Shelf Company packages, you will receive:
– Electronic copies of the Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution.
– Completed J30 stock transfer form and board meeting minutes.
– Online admin portal to manage your company.
– Registered Office for your off-the-shelf company (renewable annually).
– Update of the RBO to reflect changes in shareholding.

How Does the Service Work?
Shelf companies are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you choose a company, we will send you the Shelf Company / Ready Made Company template for you to complete with your selected company name from the chosen incorporation year. Return the completed template promptly to secure your chosen shelf company. Once we receive your template, we will make the necessary director appointments and provide you with the relevant company documents, making the company yours. We also include Registered Office services, and we will assist in updating the RBO to reflect the new shareholder details.

Can I Change the Company Name?
Yes, you can change the company name as part of the package.

Can I Open a Bank Account with the Shelf Company?
Certainly. We have established relationships with various banks. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to make a referral.

Is It Safe to Purchase a Shelf Company?
Absolutely. When you acquire a ready-made company, you receive a dormant Irish company with no prior trading history, ensuring its financial cleanliness and absence of outstanding obligations.

Do I Need to Use My Own Address as the Company’s Registered Office/Service Address?
No, you have the option to use our address as your company’s Registered Office Service Address, renewable annually. This choice safeguards your personal address from appearing on the public register and being searchable online. Any mail received from the Revenue Commissioners and CRO due to our role as your Registered Office Service Address will be opened and securely scanned for your convenience.

Who Needs to Provide Proof of ID and Proof of Address Documentation for the Registered Office Service Address Activation?
The account holder and all company officers, including directors and individuals with significant control, are required to submit Proof of ID and Address documentation. This is to ensure our compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements. Our company Registered Office Service Address cannot be activated until this information is provided.

Further Guidance and Assistance

Our client focused approach provides individuals with a platform to achieve their business goals. If you have questions about setting up a company, tax registration or accounting, please see our contact details below.


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