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Important Changes Regarding PPS Numbers for Company Directors

Published on May 11th, 2023

Starting June 11th, 2023, significant changes are coming regarding the use of Personal Public Service (PPS) numbers for company directors. When filing Forms A1, B1, B10, and B69, all directors must provide their PPS numbers to confirm their identity as genuine individuals.

Understanding PPS Numbers

A PPS number (PPSN) is a unique reference granting access to social welfare benefits and public services in Ireland. It typically consists of seven numbers followed by one or two letters.

You have a PPS number if:
– You were born in Ireland after 1971.
– You started working in Ireland after 1979.
– You receive social welfare benefits.
– You participate in the Drugs Payment Scheme.
– You interact with specific Irish government organizations.

Finding Your PPS Number

Locate your PPS number on documents like your Public Services Card, Social Services Card, or Tax Assessment. For assistance, contact your local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Branch Office.

Why Your PPS Number Is Required

The Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021 mandates directors’ PPS numbers for identity verification. Non-compliance is a category 4 offense, ensuring directors are genuine individuals.

PPS Number Data Protection

Rest assured, your PPS number data is securely stored in an irreversible hashed/encrypted format, inaccessible to anyone, including CRO staff, and not shared with third parties.

Identity Verification Process

The CRO validates names, dates of birth, and PPS numbers against the Department of Social Protection’s database for identity verification.

Directors Without a PPS Number**

Directors lacking an Irish PPS number can apply for an Identified Person Number (IPN) via Form VIF (Declaration as to Verification of Identity). Using a VIF when a PPS number exists for a director is an offense.

Form VIF – Declaration of Identity Verification

Form VIF verifies a person’s identity when they lack an Irish PPS number, including name, birthdate, nationality, and address.

Using an RBO Number as an IPN

RBO numbers from a BEN2 application can serve as an IPN on the CRO CORE System.

VIF Form Confidentiality

The VIF Form is securely retained by the CRO, inaccessible to third parties, solely for verification.

Applying for New Numbers

A new number isn’t required for the same director identified on the Form VIF. However, each director or beneficial owner without a PPS number needs a separate number.

Using a Different Name**

You can use a variation of your name while signing with ROS by specifying the “Name registered with Department of Social Protection for PPSN purposes (if different)” in the forms.

Stay informed and compliant with these essential changes concerning PPS numbers for company directors to ensure your company’s smooth operation in Ireland.

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